The Nissan R34 Skyline GTR is perhaps one of the most iconic Japanese performance cars of all time. This awesome GTR is finished in arguably the most desirable colour and boasts a spec list as long as the M1. More than worthy of a special feature!


With very few official UK supplied examples (80 to be exact), it comes as no surprise that demand is soaring for high quality import GTRs with prices rising as fast as enthusiasts scramble to grab a true Japanese automotive icon before they become out of reach.


This jaw dropping GTR was recently sourced in Japan and supplied to a UK customer via Torque GT who’d spent a long while trying to find the perfect example. You could be forgiven for thinking that it has just rolled off the Nissan production line, the bodywork is immaculate. There is a common misconception that there are zero rusty cars in Japan when in truth many cars in the North of Japan can be in an horrendous state. Salt laden roads due to longer, harsher Winters coupled with no under chassis protection is a recipe for disaster, so the importance of rigorous inspections is vital. Upon Torque GT's inspection in Japan it was clear that this GTR had clearly spent most of its life tucked away from the elements.


In standard form the R34 GTR is clearly built for purpose. Flared arches and deep menacing bumpers, its impossible not to turn your head. This is testament to the incredible job of the Nissan design department plus the obvious rarity on UK roads.


Treated to the hugely desirable NISMO aerokit the aggressive looks are further enhanced. NISMO rear LED lights are always a welcome upgrade and the lightweight Border option bonnet hints at something much more serious hidden away.


Pop the bonnet and it soon becomes apparent that this is no standard RB26. Running 603 PS at 1.2 bar courtesy of a HKS 2.8 L kit step 2, Trust T517z twin turbos, forged pistons, 77.7 stroke N1 24U engine and forged lightweight full counter crank it doesn’t take a genius to work out this GTR means business. Supporting engine modifications include choice upgrades from some of Japan’s finest performance brands. SARD have taken care of the 660cc injectors, fuel delivery line, fuel regulator with an uprated large capacity fuel pump whilst TOMEI, NISMO, TRUST & Apexi to name a few also getting in on the action.


As you’d probably expect this GTR feels BRUTAL on road, the added displacement offers extra torque and the uprated cams allow a longer pull through the gears. The soundtrack produced by the HPI manifolds, Top Secret front pipe and full custom titanium exhaust is absolutely intoxicating.


Perhaps surprisingly this extensively prepared GTR still feels assured on the road. The Arogosta coilovers and carbon clutch are both top quality items and although pricey make a World of difference to the driving experience. The factory standard BREMBO brakes do a fantastic job halting the car which is no doubt assisted by the ENDLESS pads.


Inside the cockpit the R34 GTR provides you with plenty of useful info through the factory MFD (multi functional display). Its always reassuring to have this information at hand even with lesser modified and even standard GTRs.




HKS 2.8 L kit Step 2

Forged pistons

H cross-section forged connecting rods

Forged lightweight full counter crank

77.7mm stroke N1 24U engine

Block bored & honed

HKS metal head gasket

Cylinder head ported

APEX camshaft IN / EX260 lift

HKS slide cam pulley

N1 oil pump

N1 water pump


TOMEI oil pan baffle plate

TRUST oil filler cap

ESSENTIAL oil catch tank

TRUST T517Z 8 cm twin turbine

HPI stainless exhaust manifold

SARD 660cc injectors

SARD fuel delivery line

SARD fuel regulator

SARD large capacity fuel pump

EARLS stainless steel mesh fuel hose

TRUST twin entry intercooler

HKS intercooler piping

TRUST oil cooler

TABATA 3-layer aluminum radiator

SARD air remover tank

SARD radiator cap

BILLION silicon radiator hose

APEX air cleaner

Z32 air flow meter

TRUST suction pipe

TRUST surge tank

TOP SECRET front pipe custom full titanium muffler

Aragosta harmonic drive

BORDER around stabilizer

ATS carbon twin-plate clutch

ATS lightweight flywheel

BREMBO genuine front and rear caliper

NISMO Teflon mesh brake hose

ENDLESS brake pad


APEXi FC commander

APEXi boost control kit (for power FC)

NISMO 320 km full scale meter

NISMO MFD expansion kit

TRUST turbo timer

NISMO side skirts

NISMO rear under Aero

NISMO GT tail (LED tail)

NISMO carbon style pillar garnish

NISMO clear front & side indicators

BORDER Aero bonnet

NISMO WILLANS 4-point harness


Car sourced and supplied via Torque GT - . Telephone : 01364 654247